Friday, 27 June 2014

Memories for a lifetime-Esselworld #MyFirstThrill

Memories for a lifetime-Esselworld #MyFirstThrill

Well lets begin in flashback !!! The word esselworld was synonymous with thrilling rides,new attractions,lovable characters Andy ,Rikki.
Everytime the esselworld TV commercial played we would be dying to visit esselworlds.Afer much nagging and finally patoing dad we mange to plan a trip to Esselworld the paradis on the other side of Borivali i.e Gorai.
So we began our long journey

Bus ride to Andheri
Train to Borivali
Rickshaw ride to Gorai
and finally Ferry ride to esselworld.

Still distinctly remember the first glimpse of Esselworld from the ferry.Me and my gagng of cousins all excited and raring to go.Even the long queues didnt dampen our spirits.Soon we were all around the park in our quest to enjoyy all the rides and that too multiple times
Dodgem Cars

And ofcourse the Aquadive which had the maximum crowd and we enjoyed for the maximum number of times 8 i guess.Till my mom finally scolded us as we were completely drenched.
The aquadive experience still lingers the moment we sit in the car and its starts its ascent slowly and we can feel the adrenalin rus which is in store for us as we come down splash and we were completely drenched.

The dodgem cars or bumper cards as knew back then were another crowd puller.

There was another small game which involved small water jets.

In short it was a fairy tale experience which cannot be described but has to be experience in person.
Over the past 20 years have vsited umpteen number of times have availled of the passport offer too for 8-9 times.The TV commercial tag line still lingers in memory
Esselworld Main Rahoonga Main Ghar Ghar Nahi Jaoounga MAin !!!!

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